Katherine Botten













Katherine Botton

Extreme self expression
Medical certificates
walking along a cliff-side road in LA, the sun is shining it is warm and everything is orange.

im eating a Chicken wrap with Lebanese pickles
bingeing is Pure business
first comment
Only Anarchists Are Pretty

Human Pesticide mentioned in Frieze
an easel in the garden
monet landscape painting

i am poisoned on the 55 tram then the 11 tram then the 506 bus
im Gardening in a sea shepherd t shirt,
throwing up vegan pulled pork (jackfruit) burgers with slaw and pickles

If I had FB I would post in the private queer makeup group a picture of these free samples
I’d also ask to be apart of the secret music group I’m not apart of

I keep the read receipts on.

Grunge Tyra Banks, Perry Ellis, 1993
counting down the hours until you work, 4.5

Bella Hadid juicing carrots

metal font
Total darkness at 8 pm
Big lips, Fat hips.
naked sweating in bed, medicated

Art is recipes
Careful who u talking to
Sometime so much hate inside
living without being slayed
Only only just just started again

Non-matching plaid
flirting, grieving secretly forever
boring life
good boyfriend
Fuck art
contemporary male aggressors
I just want to look great and have a happy life

Katherine Botten is an Australian-born interdisciplinary artist. Her practice covers visual artist, poetry, art writing, film, installation, sculpture, painting, music, performance, and drawing. Her works are primarily voiced in the first person, often blurring the distinction between artist and object of study, exploring the relationship between the construction and destabilization of identity, para-patriarchal expression, disability aesthetics, authenticity, resistance cultures, and female pain. She currently squats katherinebottenartist.tumblr.com, @katherine1er, and instagram.com/katherinebotten1er